A Nightmare In Audit

It’s not uncommon for a newly qualified accountant to try their hand at audit, and many of them love it! However, if you’ve had a go and found yourself ready for a change, it can be difficult to decide where to go next.

Here are Austin Rose’s five best bets for a break from Audit:


1) A move into a Corporate Tax team could be a fascinating change for you if you’ve worked previously with Corporate Tax comps

2) Or, a Personal Tax role might be more suited to you if you are moving from a smaller firm and have past experience

3) If you’re comfortable with longer hours, in exchange for great travel prospects, a higher salary and bigger bonuses, take a look at Corporate Finance

4) It may be time to make a move to a larger firm and take a role in the Business Services department for a role that focuses on only accounts

5) An interest in investigation would make Forensic Accounting an excellent match for you whilst offering you high profile projects, and the chance to travel and use your foreign language skills


If any of these have caught your attention, go ahead and call Austin Rose on 0203 225 5060 to discuss your next step, and let us help you with your decision. 

Tuesday Oct 31, 2017