Working out the Best Firm Size for You

Whether you’re currently deciding on your next firm post qualification, or whether you’ve been in practice for 20 years already, making a change from the norm will always feel like a big decision. 

Here at Austin Rose, we know it’s important to have all the facts before you make any choices. To help you work out your next step, we’ve rounded up what we think are the perks of both kinds of firm: large or small. 

The perks of working in a smaller firm:

  • More fluidity and freedom to find a salary that suits as there is rarely a bracketed salary structure
  • Greater client contact and the chance to develop a personal brand based on a cultivated client relationship
  • Managing advisory projects from cradle-to-grave, rather than only seeing a small part of the transaction
  • A less structured environment allows for faster progression to partnership, and more chance of an equity stake in the firm
  • More variety in the kinds of work as, unlike bigger firms, there is no service line

The perks of working in a larger firm:

  • Stronger likelihood of having robust processes and more technical support
  • Greater funds for investment in training
  • Higher value, more comprehensive, and flexible benefits packages
  • More colleagues at a similar level, with whom you can share your training and study experience
  • The chance to move between divisions, opening up alternative career paths
  • International work opportunities

If you’re looking to discuss further what kind of firm is the best fit for you, and what kinds of roles are available at such firms, contact us on 0203 225 5060.  


Wednesday Aug 16, 2017