Seven Steps When Choosing Between Job Offers

It’s always great to discover that your hard work has paid off, and you’ve received the offer of a new job. It can be an even better feeling when you receive more than one! However, at Austin Rose, we know that getting multiple offers can also be an extremely confusing moment in your job hunt, and the choice is a nuanced and difficult one. 

Here’s our seven steps to take in order to help you make the best decision for you:

1) Face The Facts

Begin by listing the immediate facts about both roles, these lists could include things like: salaries, job titles, benefits, travel, culture, progression, or firm reputation.

2) Look Past the Salary

Although it’s an important part of your decision making, don’t be tempted simply by a higher number; a job is much more than a figure and will impact your day-to-day life as well as the rest of your career.

3) Balance the Pros & Cons

Using your original criteria, try and make a list of Pros and Cons for each role.

4) Ring your Recruiter

Ask your recruiter about things that still aren’t clear to you, or that you forgot to ask in interview. Tell them about the issues on your Pros and Cons list - they may have had candidates raise the same questions previously, or may be able to speak to their client to resolve some of your Cons. 

5) Press Pause

Don’t feel like you have to make an immediate decision – your recruiter and the company should understand the importance of this decision and recognise your need for time.

6)  Ask a Loved One

Show your Pros and Cons list to someone you trust and explain the roles to them. They can offer advice, or you may find that talking to someone else reveals a lot about which role you prefer.

7)  Trust Yourself

Know that your instincts about what is best for you will be reliable. 



Monday May 15, 2017