Fight the Fright: Improving Your Office Communication Skills

It can sometimes feel like everyone else is a natural when it comes to office communication, but for most people, it can actually take a lot of hard work.

If you’ve been struggling to communicate at work, here are Austin Rose’s spooktacular steps to improving your skills:


1) People Are Dying to Hear You

Speak up in meetings, even if you’re not used to doing so, or even if you’re not 100% sure of your idea – it’s great to add things to the mix and your team are definitely interested in your point of view, don’t convince yourself otherwise!


2) Don't Zombie Out

Try to have open body language both when speaking and listening. Don’t fold your arms or gaze away whilst others are talking, it makes you seem uninterested and uninvolved. The same can apply when you’ve got the floor, try to make eye contact and keep your stance straight rather than closing yourself off from the group.


3) (Trick or) Treat Yourself To Some Practice

If you’re nervous speaking in front of others, and have an important meeting coming up, try to rehearse at home or in front of loved ones. It may feel silly but it will vastly improve your skills, and lessen your nerves.


4) Creep It Real

It’s impossible to please everyone, and it may be that when you’re leading a meeting, or even just providing ideas, some people respond negatively. You can address negative remarks to the best of your ability, and if somebody pulls a face, let them! 






Tuesday Oct 31, 2017