And, Relax..

It’s not a normal day when accountants have lots in common with Premier League Managers, but today is one of those days!

With the football transfer window “slamming” shut last night within hours of the self-assessment tax deadlines, both the Manager of your favourite football club and your hardworking accountant would be excused for taking a little more time over their morning coffee, and breathing a sigh of relief.

For both, January can be a frantic time during which weaknesses in their organisation are exposed, and other routine tasks are put aside to be dealt with in February. Now today is a day for them to reflect on things to achieve over the coming months and begin putting plans in place for the rest of the year.

In contrast, the world of a football agent and us practice focused recruitment agents could not be more different. Whilst the football Super Agents are quaffing champagne over breakfast even as they fill in their paperwork for the FA (and order their new Ferrari!!), the team at Austin Rose are ramping up for what is one of our busiest times of the year.

As firms have the chance to put into place their recruitment plans, and our tax and accounting candidates emerge from their heavy workloads with time to consider their career options and attend interviews, the public practice recruitment market begins to pick up pace.

Our own team of “Super Agents” have been working hard through January to build a pipeline of roles, from those clients with the time to speak to us, and book a whole host of meetings with those clients who were keen to go into full recruitment mode in February. Why not give us a call for an informal chat to find out what opportunities might be open to you? Whether you want to start looking now or are just dipping your toe into the water, we would love to discuss how we might assist you.

Whilst Riyadh Mahrez is now feeling trapped at Leicester for the rest of the season, you don’t have any such concerns. Let us help you find your Manchester City move and start reaping the rewards for all of your hard work.

Call the team on 0203 2255 060 and we will direct you to the most appropriate consultant who specialises in your area. Whether you are looking for an audit, accounts, outsourcing, tax, forensic accounting, corporate finance, or restructuring role, we have your position covered!



Thursday Feb 1, 2018