Go It Alone, or Use a Recruiter?

Deloitte have recently published a report stating that the highest indicator of success in a recruitment process is the relationship between the hiring manager and the recruiter. 

We agree completely with Deloitte, and the team at Austin Rose know first-hand that it takes many years of hard work to create a strong and trusting relationship between decision makers and recruiters.  We hope you can take this information on board and use it to achieve your career victory.

Here are our four reasons to contact us, rather than going it alone:


1) A Direct Line to the Decision Maker

When you apply for a role directly you have no idea where your CV will end up and whether it will be reviewed by someone who understands your experience. It would be a real shame to miss out on the perfect role just because the firm’s recruitment process let you down. Using a Recruitment Firm that has a relationship with the firm’s decision maker means that there will be no chance of your application falling through the cracks because you go straight to the top of the pile.


2) Don’t Fall At the CV Review Hurdle

The Hiring Manager will be able to give your recruiter feedback on your CV, which they can then pass onto you. A trusted recruiter can utilise their relationship with the hiring manager to lessen any concerns at CV review stage in order to secure an interview. You might be surprised how often a recruiters’ successful candidate would have been rejected if concerns about their CV weren’t resolved by the consultant.


3) A Job Just For You

Recruitment Consultants are able to create roles, that didn’t already exist, via introductions. Most firms understand how difficult it is to secure good quality candidates and plan for the future. This means they are often happy to create an opening in their firm to fit in a candidate who has a useful skill-set or particularly relevant experience. In fact, almost 30% of the placements Austin Rose have made in the last two years were for positions created specifically for a candidate rather than for a live role.


4) An Insider Perspective

Due to their great relationship with the hiring manager, thanks to many years of placing candidates in their firm, a recruiter will have an in depth understanding of the company they are working with. Thus, recruitment consultants can provide significant insight into the role, the culture of the firm and the working life with a prospective employer.


Working with an agency that has excellent relationships with their clients’ and their Hiring Managers is vital to job success.

Luckily, Austin Rose offers just that.

Check out the testimonials to discover what our clients think of our service.

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Thursday Sep 28, 2017