Seven Steps to Take on Your First Day at a New Job

Starting a new job can be a pretty daunting experience, but it can also be a really exciting one!  

Here's Austin Rose's best advice for getting your thoughts in order, and making your first day as relaxed, and successful, as possible:

1) Be Prepared

Make your first day as stress free as possible by planning your outfit and your journey the night before, and then spending the rest of the evening relaxing. When planning your journey, aim to arrive with a little time to spare. Just not too much!

2) Be Positive

Be open and enthusiastic when speaking with your new colleagues - ask questions about them as people, not just about the job (and make sure to keep track of names!)

3) Accept Things You Can’t Control

The more competent you were in your previous job, the more you knew all elements of how the firm ran. You were probably the person that others came to with questions. It’s tough when the boot is on the other foot but it is important to understand that, however good you are at your job, you won’t know where things are kept or which forms are needed, or how things work etc. 

4) Ask Away

Don't be afraid to ask questions, or ask for help. People will expect you to be a bit unclear on how a new office runs, so ask now rather than later. What may seem a silly question to you now, may seem extremely silly when you've already been there for months!

5) Call Us

If some concerns arise during or after your first day, give your recruiter a ring. They may be able to clear up your worries or resolve any issues. We can often put your mind at rest or clear up minor issues without the need to make a big deal of them.

6) Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Be aware that the nervous energy produced in your first days, combined with a new routine, can really take it out of you. You’d be amazed how often new members of staff struggle not to yawn in their first few days – this is a reaction to a lifestyle change rather than boredom!

7) Wait a While

Don't forget that a new role, and a new environment, can take a while to settle in to. 

Monday Jul 3, 2017