Ultra-Flexible Smart Working

It has become clear that firms in the accountancy practice market are taking wildly different approaches to the return to the office as well as their future working arrangements. Firms will have to navigate unchartered territory in the coming year and we at Austin Rose are excited to see how working practices will evolve during this time.

One of our clients, a Top 50 sized firm called Lubbock Fine, has always been at the forefront in striving to ensure staff satisfaction. The firm were one of the first firms to embrace remote inductions and training and have continued to hone the process to be as efficient and stress-free as possible, while re-introducing optional onsite inductions.

They recently announced their new ultra-flexible Smart Working approach which ensures that the business can still offer its clients the level of contact they require whilst staff are free to build their own work schedule to fit their personal lives.

Friday Aug 27, 2021