Six Steps to Take Once You've Decided to Move Job

So you’ve realised your job isn’t ideal? 

Now it’s time to take the right steps to make sure the next one is.

Here, we explain what to do next so that when you give us a ring, we can work together and achieve the best results for you! 


1) Necessities

Work out what your ideal day would look like, and jot down the things that you feel are vital for your best day-to-day job experience.

2) Complaints

Look for what you don’t like in your job as well – don’t be too general, aim for specific. If you don’t like your current team - is it the people themselves or its size and structure? Chat to someone you trust about a move – chances are they’ve heard your complaints enough times to know what really needs to change to improve your happiness.

3) Combine

Gather together the results of the above to work out what you need from your next role – salary, the firms culture, what needs changing from your current role, what size of team.

4) CV

Take a look at your CV, it’s likely it’s been a while since you last rewrote your CV and it may need a rewrite to include your current role. Do you know your grades or pass rates? These are questions you may be asked.

5) Documents

If you've passed your exams - have you got your paperwork? If not, it might be handy to start collecting it, although you won’t need it straight away.

6) Get in Touch

Go ahead and call Austin Rose on 0203 225 5060 to discuss your next step, and let us help you with finding the perfect role.

Wednesday Jun 7, 2017