Three Signs It's Time For A Change

It’s easy to become indifferent about your job and end up settling for a career, company, or position that isn’t the best you could achieve.  

If you’re starting to wonder if your job is right for you, check out our three signs it’s time for a change. If you feel like you’re a match to any of them, it may be time to give us a call.

1) Loss of Passion

Everybody deserves to love their job, it shouldn’t just pay the bills. Are you waking up in the morning with no desire to get to the office? Or counting down the minutes to the end of the day? We all have a few of these days! But if it’s starting to happen pretty regularly, it may be time to rethink. You should get to feel excited about arriving at work, and what you might achieve there that day. 

2) Career Jealousy

Feeling a little envious of somebody else’s position or career is inevitable from time-to-time. However, if all your work related thoughts are focused on how you’d rather have a job like someone else’s, you probably don’t love your own enough! 

3) Feeling Undervalued

It’s important for all of us to feel valued at work – you should get to feel like a vital part of the team, and have a boss who acknowledges not just your successes, but your hard work.  However, it’s important to not only be recognised in words but also in actions. If you feel that your value is not reflected in your progression or salary, it may be time for change. 

Even if you only sometimes feel unsure of your job, chatting to a recruiter can be a really great way to gain clarity. 

You may discover that the options available to you are even more interesting than you expected. You may also discover that we don’t have anything to offer right now that is the perfect fit. 

Either way, it’s worth the call to find out! 

Go ahead and call Austin Rose on 0203 225 5060 to discuss your next step, and let us help you with your decision. 


Thursday Sep 14, 2017