7 Reasons to Use a Recruiter (When you’re Not Jobhunting!)

It’s understandable that when you’re content in your job, a call from a recruiter can certainly seem like the last thing you need. Why visit the showroom if you already love your car? 

However, recruiters aren’t only useful during a job search, and here are Austin Rose’s seven reasons to go ahead and call one anyway:


1) Salary Benchmarking
A recruiter can let you know whether your current salary is the right match for your experience and position. They can also let you know what you should be looking for when you take your next step. Even if the step up is with the same employer, having that knowledge can be reassuring when you are applying for, or being offered a promotion. 

2) Career Trajectory
By taking a look at your skills and previous experience, a recruiter can provide a great estimate of where you should currently be in your career, and how soon you should be expecting to take the next step. 

3) Standing Still
It’s important to know whether you may be going stale in your current position - a recruiter can let you know all the ways your job could have evolved over time and, if not, why this may be.

4) The “Only If”
Whilst you may love your current job, almost everyone has a solid idea of what their ideal role would be - even if sometimes it can seem like an unlikely find! There’s nothing wrong with letting a recruiter know that they should contact you in the future “only if” they come across that perfect position. You’d be surprised at the magic we sometimes work!

5) Market Insight
If a firm are thinking about a role but have yet to make it live, then we may be informed about it and can start investigating possibilities for that position before it is online.

6) Informal Interviews
Ahead of a role being released to the market, we can organise informal interviews for you with our clients. These meetings can provide you with an understanding of what kind of companies may be a great match for you in the future. 

7) Build Relationships
By talking to recruiters before even looking for a new role, you can determine who in the industry would be a great match for you and you can also begin to develop a great and trusting working relationship. This will make your eventual search far less stressful, as you can be reassured you have selected the best person to assist you.


Take a look at our 2017 Salary Survey to get a general idea for how you are positioned in the market, and then contact us for a more in depth discussion.

Wednesday Mar 29, 2017