Eight Reasons for Jobseekers to Use a Specialist Recruiter

Looking for a new role can be a daunting process for anyone. Working with a Specialist Recruiter can make an enormous difference not only to the quality and suitability of the role you finally select, but can also make the process a less stressful one. 

Here, are eight excellent reasons to have the assistance of a Specialist Recruiter in your job search:

1) CV Support

The first time that a prospective employer gets to know you is when they receive your CV. As recruiters we know how to make sure your CV presents you in the best possible light and highlights the suitability of your skills for the role.

2) Market Knowledge

An experienced specialist recruiter will understand the complexities of an often multifaceted market and how to secure a role that will meet the goals of their candidates as well as their clients. We will know more about the role than a job spec alone can tell you and we take care to match our candidates with the best role for them and their career future. An excellent recruiter will open up all options for you, maybe even ones you haven’t considered yet.

3) Less Chance of Getting Lost

Whilst it may seem simplest to apply directly for a role, line managers are often flooded with applications and it can be easy for yours to accidently become lost in the melee. On the other hand, a practised recruiter will already have a strong relationship with hiring managers. They trust our judgment, meaning that your chances of consideration improve greatly.

4) Interview Preparation

Once you’ve secured an interview, a dedicated recruitment consultant will meet you to discuss each part of the process. We can let you know in advance who you’re meeting and what they’re like, as well as provide advice on how to deal with the questions an interviewer may ask. All of this support will allow you to enter the interview far more relaxed, enabling you to put your best foot forward.

5) Honest Feedback

When we receive feedback on an interview, we won’t shy away from letting you know what went wrong or right in your meeting. In this way, a recruiter ensures that you are always at the top of your game.

6) No “Awkward” Conversations

A recruiter will have them all for you! Some applicants can find it uncomfortable to request information on, or changes to, things like salary, hours or holiday. We will enable these negotiations for you – making sure that you not only get what you desire from the role, but also that your relationship with your employer remains warm before your arrival.

7) Support with your Offer

It’s highly likely that by using a recruiter, you’ve at this point ended up with multiple offers! On your own, this could become a difficult balancing act. Luckily, we can manage the various offers for you as well as provide support when it comes to making your decision. Once it is made, we’ll even say “no” on your behalf as well as the all-important “yes!”

8) It’s free!

So, why not just give it a go?


Call on 0203 225 5060 or take a look at our roles today, and let Austin Rose be the recruiters who help you to secure your next role. 

Monday Jan 9, 2017