A Recruiter Recommends: Only One Agency

If the New Year has kick-started your quest for a new role, it is time to apply some thought to your job search strategy. Despite the rise much vaunted rise of the machines and recruitment technology, the vast majority of job movers in 2017 found their new role via a recruitment agency.

When considering agencies specialising in your profession, the market can seem awash with options. It might seem logical to think having multiple agencies out there working on your behalf is likely to yield success more quickly and effectively. In fact, my experience has dictated that that is rarely the case – and so here are my 5 reasons to consider partnering with one consultancy:


1. Eradicate duplications.

Multiple agencies representing a candidate often leads to a CV being submitted to the same firm more than once. This will place the candidate in the unenviable position of choosing which agency they want to represent them, potentially damaging their relationship with the others. The first impression is key, and I find that multiple CV submissions can provoke questions about communication skills and make an application seem indiscriminate. 

2. Better understanding.

As a candidate progresses through interview processes, I recieve all of a candidate's feedback and thoughts on the people they get along with, the culture that fits them best and the type of opportunity that really appeals. If a candidate is providing feedback to different agencies, it makes it more difficult for me to seek out similar opportunities because the feedback is not from a process I was involved with.

3. Offer management.

Receiving multiple offers can be an exciting but stressful situation.  Having the same consultant dealing with each client, managing timeframes and expectations is a great advantage. It is unfortunately common when there is a situation involving multiple for the agencies involved to apply pressure on candidates to accept ‘their’ offer. Whilst it is not something I personally force on my candidates, I have recognised that that pressure is often coming from the agency, not the client – and I have seen it lead to candidates accepting the wrong offer through fear of losing the opportunity. There is no danger of that happening with only one agency involved. It will also be easier to leave the door open for the future with those firms whose offer you do not accept.

4. Better service.

I have two key aims when working with a candidate – place them into role they love, and build a lasting relationship by providing a fantastic service. It is very difficult to deliver on either of those when a candidate has already engaged multiple recruiters and covered most of the market. A candidate working exclusively with a single recruiter from day one allows me to invest greater time and resources into their job search. 

5. Less stress and more time.

Looking for a job can become a job in itself. Reviewing company profiles, preparing for and attending interviews, providing feedback, meeting the team and considering/negotiation offers – it all takes time.  If a candidate adds to that by having several agencies chasing them for feedback, trying to arrange more interviews, discussing and managing offers, it can become very stressful. Partnering with one consultant allows them to streamline a candidate's search, covering the entire market but keep things simple.


It's always great to hear from a candidate who has decided to work solely with us, and have the chance to discuss the opportunities avaliable to them. Take a look at our current positions and get in touch! 

~ Iain


Iain is the Head of Advisory and our specialist in Forensic Technology, Forensic Accountancy, Legal and Corporate Finance. You can get in touch with him on 020 3225 6121 or at iain@austinrose.co.uk. 



Wednesday Jan 17, 2018