Why Use Austin Rose

Making the best possible decision about your next job is vitally important not just for your enjoyment and fulfillment in the short term but also for setting out your career path for the long term. In order to make the right decision you need to be in possession of as many of the facts as possible. What salary should I expect given my experience? What opportunities are open to me? What companies fit my profile with regards to their culture? Will this job make me less saleable in the future? These are all the types of question that an experienced consultant can answer for you. The consultants at Austin Rose primarily recruit for the public practice market and are experts in all elements of this sector.

At Austin Rose we take a long term view of our relationships which enables us to give you advice that will give you the best possible chance of succeeding in your career goals, even if that advice is to stay at your current firm for the time being. Work with us to take the stress out of what can be an extremely daunting process.

Just as you would invest time at work to ensure your career aspirations remain on track, you need to put aside time to prepare yourself for the recruitment process. From creating a CV that best represents you, to preparing fully for the actual interview, our dedicated consultants can support and advise you through each stage of the process. In order to assist you in these processes, we have created a brief selection of user guides for you to download, covering CV preparation, successful interviewing and a comprehensive public practice salary survey and market update.

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